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Best Employee Policies is a blog for managers who need employee policies and can’t avoid it any longer.

All organizations need structure.  Accounting has structure.  So do sales, operations and customer service.  Scripts, excel spreadsheets, reports.  Few business owners and managers, however, have HR expertise or structure.

Employee policies tend to be neglected, an afterthought, delegated to an admin who also has no HR expertise, or a controller who doesn’t have time.

But there is a dirty little secret:

The cost of making it up as you go along builds up over time.

  • employment laws are not followed (or even understood properly)
  • employees bring their bad habits to the job with them and spread it around
  • employee morale suffers because there are no rules
  • where there are rules, they are not applied uniformly – favoritism leading to discrimination
  • pay rules are made up, especially regarding overtime

And sooner or later, the cracks start to appear, costing the organization time and money:

  • job candidates are asked discriminatory questions because the interviewer doesn’t know any better; good candidates are offended and turn down job offers
  • an employee is fired, and files a discrimination lawsuit
  • a former employee complains to the Labor Board that they are due back pay
  • employees come to work late with no consequence, while others are warned or terminated
  • employees line up outside the bosses’ office to ask for favors (leave early, change schedule, work through lunch, extra days off, more pay), and there are no rules to guide management or the staff 

Where do you go for help?

Many businesses that do not have an in-house HR department rely on canned information provided by their payroll provider or word of mouth.  I want to serve you in a different way.  As an experienced HR professional with over 20 years of practical solutions to messy workplace issues., I have a simple goal:

  • provide you with practical, useful policies that any company, any manager, can use in their workplace
  • explanations of why these policies are important (or not), and when they should be used (or not)

This is not a sexy topic.  No one stays up nights thinking of employee policies.  I happen to live and breathe this stuff.  You should not have to.  I am here to help you when you can’t avoid it any longer.

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For those in need of a legally compliant, clearly written Employee Handbook, I have a solution:  the “Essential Employee Handbook.”  Please click here for more information regarding content and launch date.  Thank you!


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