7 Best Practices for Effective Human Resource Management: Hire the Right People & Create the Rules to Get the Best Results From Your Employees

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  • Trying to grow your company?
  • Have trouble getting past “putting out fires” and feeling that everyone comes to you to solve their problems?
  • Can’t seem to find and keep quality employees?
  • If you answered “yes” to any of these questions…

Today I’m pleased to announce my new book:

7 Best Practices for Effective Human Resource Management, available for download in the Amazon Kindle store.

Human resource management applies to all businesses, even those without a formal “HR Department.” Business owners, managers, CFO’s and Controllers, HR managers and office managers, and anyone else involved in managing employees, can learn something from this book.

Here are some details on this book…

Achieve Success and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Running and growing a business is exciting. If you are the owner, you have likely built something from nothing due to hard work and vision. If you are a manager of such an enterprise, you are critical to its success. However, running a business can also be stressful, frustrating and challenging. Human resource challenges include costly employee turnover, lack of consistent policies or training, and the feeling that employees are not “pulling together” but are lacking direction and purpose.

The good news is that many of these obstacles are common. Regardless of the industry, many business owners and managers face the same problems and issues. This is true of startups as well as companies in business for 20 or more years.

Better yet, these common challenges are far easier to overcome with a simple idea – developing a set of best practices in human resource management will help you to protect and grow your company.

Develop Best Practices to Effective Human Resource Management to Take Control of Your Business

It’s not that hard to start these human resource best practices. Great companies have been practicing them for years with success. In the book,7 Best Practices for Effective Human Resource Management, we talk about the ways in which you can get started too, to create a well-organized system that will overcome your current obstacles to success.

What will you discover in this book?

7 Best Practices for Effective Human Resource Management contains a series of human resource best practices that you can easily implement over time. You will learn:

  • How to start working on your business, not just in it
  • The 7 Step Hiring System that works
  • Why your interview questions are forcing you into bad decisions
  • The 3 principles that successful companies do to manage their people
  • How to turn performance evaluations from painful to productive
  • The 8 labor laws you must understand to protect your business

Get 7 Best Practices for Effective Human Resource Management for only $2.99.

I need your help!! If you find this book to be helpful, I would love a review on Amazon.  Click here:  7 Best Practices for Effective Human Resource Management.

Don’t Own a Kindle Reader?

Some people worry that they can’t read this book if they don’t have a Kindle. But you don’t need a Kindle (I don’t have one!). You can download the Kindle app onto any iPhone, iPad, or Mac; any Android device or Blackberry; or your PC.

So it is really easy to read Kindle books! To make it even easier, in my book I have a link so you can download a PDF copy to your PC.   You can even print out the book to make it easier to follow along.

Here is the download link again:

7 Best Practices for Effective Human Resource Management.

Let me know what you think!

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