13 Most Difficult Conversations With Employees

13 Most Diff Conv Cover
  • Unsure of how to handle “awkward and uncomfortable conversations” with employees?
  • Is your approach not yielding the results you want, and you are not sure why?
  • Do you want to train your supervisors and managers to be more effective communicators, but don’t know how?
  • If you answered “yes” to any of these questions…

Today I’m pleased to announce my new book:  13 Most Difficult Conversations with Employees.

Here are some details on this book…

It’s the Most Difficult Job in the World and You Have It

As a manager, your job is to “get the job done” while understanding what makes each of your employees tick.  Most employees understand the acceptable range of behavior and productivity.  Some, however, fall outside what is acceptable.  It becomes your job to communicate with your employees.  The problem is, many managers are not trained in the skills needed to effectively communicate with others.  There are also cultural and emotional barriers to effective communication.  Managers may also be worried about saying the wrong things and being exposed to legal issues.

The good news is that improving your communication skills is very trainable.  In the book,  13 Most Difficult Conversations with Employees, I discuss the ways in which you can develop your skills, and this is followed by 13 examples of difficult conversations, using realistic dialogue.

What will you discover in this book?

In 13 Most Difficult Conversations with Employees, you will learn:

  • Creating the correct mental approach towards the difficult conversation
  • Speaking directly while showing respect for the employee, and an open mind
  • The 2 most important legal considerations that will protect you from lawsuits
  • The 4 questions you must address before having the difficult conversation
  • The employee’s crucial role in the success of any conversation

Then we get to the workplace scenarios, using realistic conversations.  Not every conversation will turn out as you expect it to!

  • Body Odor
  • Performance Problem
  • Chronic Lateness
  • Office Romance
  • Feuding Employees
  • Transitioning from Buddy to Manager
  • Sexual Harassment Claim
  • Managing Up
  • Social Media Rant
  • Fired for Misconduct
  • You Are Not Getting a Raise
  • Are You On Drugs?
  • Dress Code

Get 13 Most Difficult Conversations with Employees for only $0.99 (until midnight on May 1) and $2.99 thereafter.

BONUS for buyers of this book:  In the book I have included a link to download a free report, Sample Policies for Difficult Conversations.  This free report has legally reviewed policies covering many of the topics in the book, which you can use to update/revise your existing policies and Employee Handbook.

I need your help!! If you find this book to be helpful, I would love a review on Amazon. (Here is the link to the book on Amazon).

Don’t Own a Kindle Reader?

Some people worry that they can’t read this book if they don’t have a Kindle. But you don’t need a Kindle (I don’t have one!). You can download the Kindle app onto any iPhone, iPad, or Mac; any Android device or Blackberry; or your PC.

So it is really easy to read Kindle books!

Here is the download link again:  13 Most Difficult Conversations/Kindle.

Let me know what you think!

One more thing – after reading this book, if you have other difficult conversations that I did not cover, send me an email and I will try my best to answer your questions.  If I write a sequel, I will send you a free e-book as an expression of my thanks.


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