3 Simple Steps to a Successful New Hire Orientation Program

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Once you have hired someone, have an orientation and training plan in place. The first 30-60 days of employment is the critical period during which the employee adjusts to the company culture and job; or not. So extra attention paid during this time will pay dividends in the future. Here are some easy steps to take:

  1. Team the new employee with an experienced member of your staff; make sure that they are not only given a copy of the Employee Handbook but that they also understand it;
  2. Give them small assignments and check the results before giving larger assignments; and
  3. Get feedback from other employees, who will know more than you will how the new person is doing.

“Imagine your first day in high school. That is how your new employee feels.”

What is your new-hire orientation program?  Leave a comment below.

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