The books below are presented in the order they were written:

7 Best Practices Cover7 Best Practices For Effective Human Resource Management: Hire the Right People and Create the Rules to Get the Best Results From Your Employees

Any business that is not growing because of human resource challenges will find clearly explained and easy to implement policies to hire great people, manage your workforce for greater productivity, protect against costly lawsuits and improve employee communication.

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13 Most Diff Conv Cover13 Most Difficult Conversations With Employees: Sexual Harassment, Body Odor, Are You On Drugs . . . and More!

This book is for any manager or supervisor dealing with employee issues in the workplace. Those who will benefit include HR managers, new managers, experienced managers who want feel more comfortable with the process, and business owners who want to improve employee communication. Improve your skills, understand the emotional blocks to effective communication, and legally protect yourself with this guide to turning difficult conversations into productive ones.

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