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Is My Employee an Employee, and Other Questions to Keep You Out of Trouble


Any company with employees must comply with many federal and state employment laws.  Many major labor laws do apply to companies with as few as one employee. This includes minimum wage and overtime. Employers of 11 or more employees fall

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13 Most Difficult Conversations With Employees

13 Most Diff Conv Cover

Unsure of how to handle “awkward and uncomfortable conversations” with employees? Is your approach not yielding the results you want, and you are not sure why? Do you want to train your supervisors and managers to be more effective communicators,

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Interns: To Pay or Not to Pay

Jim, the owner of a mid-sized marketing firm, couldn’t be happier.  He had brought in two college students as unpaid interns for the summer.  They were looking for industry experience, and he put them right to work doing general office

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