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Is My Employee an Employee, and Other Questions to Keep You Out of Trouble


Any company with employees must comply with many federal and state employment laws.  Many major labor laws do apply to companies with as few as one employee. This includes minimum wage and overtime. Employers of 11 or more employees fall

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The 2 Things You Need to Know About Progressive Discipline

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Progressive discipline is a term used to describe a step-by-step approach to discipline, usually with increasingly severe levels of discipline for repeat offenses. In legal terms, it is called “due process.” It is a legally defendable system that will help

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How to Do a Performance Evaluation That Won’t Make You Squirm


Bring up the words “performance evaluation” and most people will shudder, and most think it is a waste of time. The process is not well understood and even less well executed (very little training time is typically given to this

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3 Golden Rules for Managing Employees

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Management of employees is at the heart and soul of every organization.  No matter the brilliance of the strategy, it will not work without a motivated and effective workforce.   There is no shortage of management theories and best-selling books

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3 Simple Steps to a Successful New Hire Orientation Program

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Once you have hired someone, have an orientation and training plan in place. The first 30-60 days of employment is the critical period during which the employee adjusts to the company culture and job; or not. So extra attention paid

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An 8 Step Hiring System That Works

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Every small business starts out small – maybe only the founder. At some point, business growth overwhelms one person’s ability to “do it all” and they will need to add staff to the organization.   This places a great responsibility on

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3 Step Strategy for Planning Your Organizational Structure

Plan A Plan B

One of the most important business concepts I have learned is to work on your business, not just in it. This means, take a step back from the daily workload and strategically plan the future structure of the business when

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13 Most Difficult Conversations With Employees

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Unsure of how to handle “awkward and uncomfortable conversations” with employees? Is your approach not yielding the results you want, and you are not sure why? Do you want to train your supervisors and managers to be more effective communicators,

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7 Best Practices for Effective Human Resource Management: Hire the Right People & Create the Rules to Get the Best Results From Your Employees

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Trying to grow your company? Have trouble getting past “putting out fires” and feeling that everyone comes to you to solve their problems? Can’t seem to find and keep quality employees? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions…

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