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An 8 Step Hiring System That Works

3 way interview

Every small business starts out small – maybe only the founder. At some point, business growth overwhelms one person’s ability to “do it all” and they will need to add staff to the organization.   This places a great responsibility on

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7 Best Practices for Effective Human Resource Management: Hire the Right People & Create the Rules to Get the Best Results From Your Employees

7 Best Practices Cover

Trying to grow your company? Have trouble getting past “putting out fires” and feeling that everyone comes to you to solve their problems? Can’t seem to find and keep quality employees? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions…

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3 Ways to Determine Who is an Independent Contractor, and Who is Not

Hiring an independent contractor – or an employee – can have important consequences for a business.  The importance of this distinction is that the two groups are treated much differently when it comes to employment law, benefits and taxes. The

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Interns: To Pay or Not to Pay

Jim, the owner of a mid-sized marketing firm, couldn’t be happier.  He had brought in two college students as unpaid interns for the summer.  They were looking for industry experience, and he put them right to work doing general office

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