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7 Reasons You Need An Employee Handbook

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Page for page, a good employee handbook is probably one of the most important documents your business will ever have. Here are seven reasons you need an employee handbook: 1. The employee handbook establishes your company’s policies clearly and effectively.

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Give Me A Break! Tips on Breaks and Meal Periods

Employee breaks and meal period requirements are confusing to employers and employees alike.  I will attempt to make it clearer, or at least less confusing. The Fair Labor Standards Act, the federal law better known for regulating minimum wage and

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Facial Tattoos, Mini-Skirts and Your Company Dress Code

The two managers saw Sam walk past them and did a double double-take.  “Look at that new tattoo on the side of his face.  Can he do that here?” Can he? Even something as extreme as a facial tattoo may

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Five Reasons Your Employees are Late or Absent and What to Do About It

Since the invention of the time clock, employers have obsessed over their employees’ time and attendance.  Why are employees late to work or absent? Personal duties outside of work, primarily childcare. Transportation issues such as heavy traffic or mass transportation

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